This tour takes you to the most stupendous region of Vietnam, the massif area of the Black H’mong of Dong Van and the Ma Pi Leng Pass. An extremely wild region of limestone peaks, black granite needles (the locals call them “stone forests”), vertiginous canyons, limitless panoramas, and the local Black H’mong. The men are remarkably elegant, dressed in black, with a beret, a souvenir of their great allies the French. Historically they are a proud race of fearless warriors.
Continue to the magical Babe Lake, through another very spectacular mountain road.
The region is the MUST SEE of North Vietnam, especially for the Ma Pi Leng Pass between Dong Van and Meo Vac, considered as the most amazing road in the entire country.
Day 1: Ha Noi – Ha Giang (L, D)
8:00 departure from Hanoi-Viet Tri-Tuyen Quang-Ha Giang. Excellent lunch among gardens in Tan Quang. On the way you can see all natural life of local people in the mountain of Vietnam take may picture of Ducks, water bufferloes, rice paddy fields and so on. Arrival in Ha Giang around 18:00.
We go to a nearby Thai village, where we have diner and spend the night in a family stilted house.
Day 2: Ha Giang – Dong Van (B, L, D)
After purchasing the mandatory permit at the Immigration Office, we take the first spectacular road, which leads to Dong Van, a series of long passes and deep valleys. Lunch in the small mountain town of Tam Son.
We then cross a landscape of pine forest and arrive at the astonishing King of the H’mong’s Palace, a fortress built by a local chief allied with the French against the Vietminh, Vuong Chin Duc, and evacuated in 1950 (his descendants now live in France and Canada). Arrival in Dong Van around 18:00. Diner in a local restaurant and hotel night.
Day 3: Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Meo Vac – Bao Lac- Ba Be Lake (B, L, D)
An absolutely unforgettable day! It starts with the visit of the market of Dong Van, where the locals shop before returning to their eagle nest. We then climb a pass up to the French Fortress of Pu Lo, built in 1890 and evacuated in 1945, from which we enjoy a spectacular view of the entire region.
which climbs on 15 km up to the top of the Ma Pi Leng Pass, through a gigantic maze of lime peaks, “stone forests”, and canyons unique in the world. We then go down into the valley of Meo Vac, We then continue snaking through the mountains, cross the river, and arrive in the village of Bao Lac, where we have luch and we take the mountain road Bao Lac – Cao Bang. Before Cao Bang, another one of our little secrets : a gorgeous small road snaking through the mountains to the Tay village of Cho Ra and then down to the Tay village of Bo Lu, where you are welcomed by Mr. Tuan Linh amazingly friendly Tay family in their traditional stilted house. If it’s hot, do like the local kids, just jump in the lake! Superb diner (Mrs Tuan Linh is a true Cordon bleu) on the river terrace. If you want to try something crazy, ask Linh about the one meter pure tobacco cigarette.
Day 4: Ba Be Lake – Puong Cave (B, L, D)
A treat! Breakfast on the lake shore, then short wark to the house owner’s boat, who takes you through the entire length of the 3 connected lakes (Ba Be – “3 bays”) and up the Nang River, to an astonishing site: Dong Phuong, an enormous tunnel 300-long that the river has dug through a lime mountain.
The boat then goes down river to the small village of Hua Tang. As simple and authentic as you have been dreaming of! Lunch in a local house alongside the river.
After lunch, a short walk through the jungle takes you to the very scenic Thac Dau Dang Waterfalls, a series of spectacular cascades between sheer rock walls. Return by boat for another delightful evening at your Tay house.
Day 5: Ba Be Lake – Ha Noi (B, L)
Enjoy local life in Bo Lu and departure on a secret road of ours, following the river and then snaking from pass to pass through the hills of Central North Vietnam. Everybody will look at you, for no tourists ever go that spectacular way. We then join the main road to Ha Noi, with a short stop in Cho Chu to visit the ruins of the French Prison. Return at your hotel around 19:00.

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