Con Dao National park

Con Dao National park has an ideal position and environment for the development of forest sand marine flora and fauna. Con Dao National park is 6.000 ha on land and 14.000 ha underwater in area. The relation of coral reefs,sea grass bed sand mangroves has create a convenient environment for the reproduction, nursery and conservation of marine species. The shallow water near the island is also where distributing many precious animal species such as turtles, dolphins, dugong, etc.
The biodiversity of Con Dao beach has national meaning on marine nature conservation in Vietnam.
As a relatively remote island offshore, human activity hasn’t altered largely to the natural property of the marine ecosystems. Coral reefs here still retain typical characteristics for the beach. The researches shows coral has the average coverage of 42.6%. Among studied coral reefs, up to 74.2% of corals achieve high coverage, only 2.8% belonging to the low type. The density of fish in the reefs at study positions reaches averaged 400 ones/m2. This value is very high compared to other coastal areas in Vietnam.
The Con Dao National park can be considered as a bridge for the organism dispersion from diversified center of the Indian - Western Pacific coast to the Vietnam coastal areas.
The regime of east Sea stream flow with the change of two main win seasons has created convenient condition for the development of marine species’ larva from Con Dao towards the North and the South. In contrast, this coast is easy to receive the dispersion from other places. Therefore, the element of recorded marine species there is relatively diversified. Up to now, they has found out 285 species of hard coral, 202 species of fish, , 153 species of mollusc, 130 species of Polycheata, 110 species of crustacean, 46 species of echinoderm. DSc. Vo Si Tuan, Vice Head of Nha Trang Institute of oceanography said: Con Dao is ranked into the area having high diversification level on the species of the coralgenerating reefs. The element of molluscs is also considered as the most diversification compared with other greatest archipelagos in Vietnam.
Regarding biodiversity, the shallow water area in Con Dao has both coral reefs, sea grass beds and mangroves. In which, the reef living in groups are common, can be found in almost coastal areas. Typical edging reef occupies up to 59%, proving that this reef has development condition in a long time. sea grass, although not distributed widely but concentrated in a ​​large area, about over 200 ha. Biodiversity facilitates the development of rare species. Research on the marine environment shows that there is no marine pollution here.
Currently, Con Dao has the greatest number of turtle in Vietnam, with two common types is Hawksbill and trang dong. There is 17 sand –banks recorded as the breeding ground softurtles, in which up to 4 grounds recorded that there are 1.000 mother turtles go up to give births every year. Con Dao is also the unique place in Vietnam exiting a community of Dugong dugong having the life inseparable with sea grass beds.
Up to now, there is no research on the relationship between the coastal source of income and shallow water ecosystem in Con Dao. However, going along with the existence of coral reefs, sea grass beds, mangroves and the ecological relationship between them is an advantageous environment for the reproduction, nursery of many sources of income. Researches of Nha Trang Institute of oceanography on fish egg, larvae at Con Dao National park prove that the quantity of egg is much higher many times than other coasts in Vietnam.

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